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Wingham Wildlife Park
South East

Rusham Road
Kent, CT3 1JL
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Wingham Wildlife Park is Kent’s fastest growing wildlife park!

Wingham Wildlife Park can be found about half way between Sandwich and Canterbury, just east of the beautiful village of Wingham. 

The park has improved greatly over the past few years, now being home to over 200 species, having huge outdoor as well as indoor play areas, plenty of catering outlets and a breath of fresh air with its green open spaces -  perfect for a picnic during good weather!

A number of species can be seen at this wildlife park which cannot be seen anywhere else in Kent, including mandrills, penguins, Nile crocodiles, aldabra giant tortoises and smooth-coated otters. There are even species such as the spix’s night monkey which you cannot see in any other wildlife park in the world!

However, there is more to this park than just the animals, with the addition of 29 life-like dinosaur models added to the park in 2016 as a permanent exhibit (with no extra charge for visitors to enter this exhibit once they pay to come in to the park).  These dinosaurs all move and roar, bringing the prehistoric era of the dinosaurs to life, for children and adults alike – there are even photo opportunities where visitors can hatch out of an egg or sit in a jeep being chased by the 13 meter long T-Rex.

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