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Roman Painted House
South East
New Street

The Roman Painted House
New Street
Dover, CT17 9AJ
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In Dover find the finest Roman house on show in Britain

Built about AD 200, the Roman Painted House originally formed part of a large mansio, or official hotel, for travellers crossing the English Channel. Dover, then known as Dubris, was the leading naval base and gateway to Roman Britannia. The mansio was demolished by the Roman army during the construction of a larger fort, the west wall of which cuts through three of the rooms.

Five rooms survive, with large areas of painted murals showing scenes of Bacchus, primarily known as the god of agriculture and wine, but also associated with fertility, drama, and revelry. The elaborate underfloor heating system (hypocaust) is still substantially complete.

There are detailed displays on Roman Dover, finds cases and publications. Groups and schools are welcome, and there is a garden area for picnics.

The Roman Painted House is open to the public during the summer months; for group visits during the winter please contact them by phone.