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Lewes Castle and Museum
South East

169 High Street
East Sussex, BN7 1YE
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Climb to the top of this 1000 year old Norman Castle for stunning panoramic views across Sussex

The top of the castle offers a stunning panoramic view of the Sussex countryside, all the way from the North Downs, through the river valley and down to the coast.

The building of Lewes Castle by the Norman William de Warenne, began soon after the Battle  of Hastings in 1066. De Warenne was a close ally of William the Conqueror. The castle was continually developed during the Medieval period and the impressive Barbican was added in the 14th Century.

The adjoining museum is home to the richest collection of archaeological artefacts in Sussex from early pre-history, through the Roman and Saxon invasions and up to the Medieval period. There is an excellent 3D model and film presentation which tells the story of the development of Lewes through time.