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Charles Dickens' Birthplace Museum
South East

393 Old Commercial Road
Hampshire, PO1 4QL
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Take a walk around the first home of one of Britain's most most revered authors, Charles Dickens.

The celebrated Victorian author was born in a small terraced house near the centre of Portsmouth. His family had moved to the area as his father, John Dickens, worked in the naval base.

Though the Dickens family moved on from Portsmouth when Charles was a young boy, he remembered the area and even set out to find his old home when writing his semi-autobiographical novel The Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby.

Today the house is a museum dedicated to one of the greatest writers England has ever produced. It has been fitted with all the Regency decorations his family are expected to have had, with it being a popular fashion at the time.

Also within the home are a number of Charles Dickens' own possessions, including his snuff box and the couch on which he would eventually pass away.

At the very top of the house is a special area given over for young children to play and enjoy, to hopefully ignite a love of reading among the next generation.

The basement shop is an ideal place to pick up souvenirs, whether that's books by Charles Dickens or other Victorian-style memorabilia.

Accessibility Information

There are stone steps leading down into the building and a series of staircases to walk up through the house. For this reason the museum isn't suitable for people with mobility impairments.