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Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe Dunes
East Coast

Lincolnshire, LN11 7TS
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This important reserve contains tidal sand and mudflats, salt and freshwater marshes, and sand dunes which support a rich array of fauna and flora.

In July and August, the saltmarsh is striking as it is covered with an abundance of sea-lavender, giving a purple wash over the dune landscape. Other plants include thrift, sea aster and the silver-grey-leaved sea-purslane.

A wide range of grasses occur with sand and glaucous sedge, and there are many colourful flowers, including autumnal hawkbit, bird's-foot trefoil, common centaury, field mouse-ear, viper's-bugloss and calcicolous plants such as felwort, fairy flax, carline thistle, and pyramidal and bee orchids. In many years a spectacular display of early and southern marshorchids and their hybrids can be seen in June.

The dunes are also known for their butterflies and moths, supporting species such as green hairsteaks in early summer and scarce marsh and saltwater moth species.

The most notable of the amphibians is the rare nocturnal natterjack toad for which this is one of only two Lincolnshire localities.

The greatest variety of birds occurs at migration, while in winter birds of prey are attracted by the large numbers of waders feeding on the open shore and berry- and seed-eaters flocking to the shrublands and saltmarsh.

Accessibility Information

There are various walking routes available, including an easy-access trail with information boards through Rimac.