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Huttoft Bank Pit
East Coast

Huttoft Bank, Huttoft
Lincolnshire, LN13 9RS
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These extensive reedbeds attract many species of waterfowl, waders and birds of prey, making it a great spot for bird enthusiasts.

There is a large open water area as well as extensive reedbeds. Emergent and aquatic vegetation includes species such as fennel pondweed, sea clubrush, great reedmace, brackish watercrowfoot, soft hornwort and yellow flag.
Moorhen, water rail, reed bunting, reed and sedge warblers all nest on the reserve. Fifteen species of duck have been recorded, mainly during the winter, and Bewick's swan, slavonian, great crested, little and red-necked grebes, and red-throated diver have all been recorded.
Rare migrants have included spoonbill, great reed warbler, little bittern and many others. Wading birds occur, especially in autumn (dependent on late summer/autumn water levels), including common, green and curlew sandpipers, redshank and greenshank, and black-tailed godwit.
Scarce visitors have included lesser yellowlegs and pectoral sandpiper. Herons are occasional visitors, and flocks of gulls also occur occasionally, including the Mediterranean gull. Various terns occur on passage. Shorteared owls occur in winter and marsh harriers breed in spring. Bitterns have become a regular wintering species.