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Chapel Pit
East Coast
Chapel St Leonards

Chapel Pit
Chapel St Leonards
Lincolnshire, PE24 5XH
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This Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve is a haven for aquatic plants and wading birds.

Excavated for clay for the repair of the sea banks following the floods of 1953, the flooded pit has marginal reedbeds and aquatic plants, such as watercrowfoot and great reedmace.
Fifteen species of duck have been recorded, mainly in winter. Grebes, divers and wild swans are also often seen in winter.
In summer breeding species include reed and sedge warblers, lesser whitethroat, and great crested and little grebes. In August and September thousands of migrating swallows and house martins roost in the reedbeds.
Views of the reserve and its birdlife can be had by walking down the short entrance track from the road, or alternatively by walking a few yards southwards.