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Epic England by Geotourist - Whitby

Whalebone Arch, East Terrace
Uk, EC1V 2NX
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Discover Whitby's epic past with a free Geotourist GPS audio walking tour that you can listen to via your own smartphone.

Geotourist is a British-based app company which produces free walking trails all over the world, including Denver, 1066 Country in England, Western Australia, Los Angeles, Florence, Kiev, Paris and Baltimore. Geotourist is an open source platform and app that delivers audio tours to real-time visitor locations and provides an immersive audio guide of their current location. Geotourist works with tourism boards and organisations all over the world to deliver real-time tours for visitors to listen to - and listen again when they've returned back home.

The Whitby tour is part of the Geotourist Epic England collection, with two further tours to enjoy in nearby Scarborough and Filey.

The Geotourist app is easily accessible for everyone. Click to download now : 

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