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For holiday inspiration, the best things to see on the coast and an insight into life on England’s Coast, click on the local stories and blogs below.

Spring into life with a break on the English Coast!

Many nature writers are fond of saying that, were they prime minister for a day, they would pass a law ordering the nation to take the month of May as holiday. Some go further and say that you should spend all that time at the coast.

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Britain’s Ocean City and celebrated chef-restaurateurs The Tanner Brothers

'When it came to opening a business and setting down roots, Britain’s Ocean City seemed like the idyllic setting, with a perfect mixture of modern city-country living.' Celebrated chefs and restaurateurs Chris and James Tanner on their adopted hometown.

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Chef Valentine Warner and his all-encompassing passion for seafood

Valentine Warner has a passion for fish and fishing that’s hard to match. ‘Born to fish, forced to work’ is his mantra, and whenever possible he fits fishing in alongside the profession he cherishes: cooking and all things related to food.

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Brixham Fish Market, England's biggest fish auction

Brixham may be England's largest fishing port by value of the catch, but it retains its Devon charm. Brightly painted cottages overlook the historic harbour, it has a strong local community and life is at a relaxed pace. Take some time to sit back and watch the world go by.

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Meet Tim Bouget, Chef-Proprietor at ODE True Food

Devon born award-winning chef Tim Bouget is passionate about sustainability. He cooks with a conscience, working in tune with nature to produce organic, affordable food using the South West region’s finest ingredients from sea and land.

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England's Seafood Coast

The seas around England produce some of the finest seafood in the world, and our chefs are brimming with passion, transforming their local produce into fantastic dishes. We’ve brought together the best restaurants and coastal experiences to make it easy for you to enjoy some of world’s top fish and shellfish. What will you try first?

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Fore / Adventure

Keen to escape the rat-race, former architect Jade and her husband, an outdoor centre manager, swapped computer screens seven years ago for a life of ‘foraging, feasting and adventuring’.

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Boscanova Café

With scores of cafés lining our coastline, what does it take to be successful? With its bare brick walls, wooden features and Bohemian vibe, Boscanova in Boscombe, Bournemouth, is the personification of a cool, 21st century coastal café.

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