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South West Coast Path
South West

South West Coast Path Association, Lee Mill Bridge
Devon, PL21 9EF

Il percorso della costa sud occidentale è lungo 630 miglia ed è il sentiero nazionale più lungo del paese.

Partendo da Minehead nel Somerset, corre lungo la costa di Exmoor, proseguendo lungo la costa del North Devon in Cornovaglia. Segue l'intera costa della Cornovaglia, attraversa la foce del fiume Tamar e continua nel Devon. Dopo aver corso lungo la costa meridionale del Devon, segue la costa del Dorset prima di finire infine a Poole Harbour.

Informazioni sull’accessibilità

While much of the Coast Path is quite strenuous there are many sections that are much gentler, and are suitable for people with mobility problems, pushchairs, wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Through our Walk finder tool you can select easy access walks which all have a worthwhile length along fairly flat paths that are at least 850mm (2'6") wide, have a minimal cross camber, and 0 steps or stiles. You'll can also find these split into areas by expanding the navigation menu on the right. To judge whether a particular walk is suitable, each easy going walk has a 'Terrain' description with a link to more information about the accessibility of the route. Clicking on this will bring up a fresh page with a more detailed map and photos showing the path gradients, surfaces and any gates.