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Terracotta Warriors
South Coast

Estgate, Corner of High East Street & Salisbury Street
Dorset, DT1 1JU
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The terracotta warriors were the most surprising archaeological find of the 20th Century and have become the 8th Wonder of the Ancient World

The terracotta warriors, discovered in 1974, were the most surprising archaeological find of the 20th Century, and have become known as the eighth wonder of the ancient world. Thousands of the warriors were buried in pits protecting the tomb of the First Emperor of China forming the biggest tableau of sculpture in the world. They are life-size, with detailed intricate modelling and each one is thought to have a different and unique face.

The warriors on show at the Terracotta Warriors have been replicated by museum technicians working on the site in China. They are exact in every detail and represent different types of warrior such as a general, a kneeling crossbowman, and a charioteer. Audio commentaries tell their fascinating story.

Complementing the terracotta warriors is Qin Shi Huangdi – the first emperor of China – with General Meng Tian. Both are in full costume and accompanied by other examples of recreated costume and armour representative of what would have been worn by the Royal Guard.

There are antiquities covering two millennia of Chinese history and tomb figures and Neolithic tomb pottery on show. This gem of a museum is not to be missed.

Re-opening after Lockdown on Tuesday 1st June.

Open from 1st June to 31st October, daily from 10am to 4pm.