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For holiday inspiration, the best things to see on the coast and an insight into life on England’s Coast, click on the local stories and blogs below.

Escape to a peaceful coastal garden

​As a nation of garden-lovers, it is little surprise that the English coastline is strewn with beautiful gardens. From small ‘secret’ gardens to lavishly designed formal lawns of stately homes, no matter where you holiday on the coast there’ll be a place of tranquillity to relax in.

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Top TV and Film Locations on England's Coast

The English coastline is full of drama, characterised by unspoilt countryside, dramatic coastlines, lonely beaches and villages and piers untouched by modern development.

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The Etches Collection

In 2016, a new museum opened in the small village of Kimmeridge, on the ‘Jurassic Coast’ of Dorset, instantly capturing worldwide attention.

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Experience nature on the coast

The coast of England is where you see wildlife in its element; seabirds soaring, seals bobbing offshore and stunningly coloured ducks adding a splash of iridescence to the shoreline.

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48 Hours on the Northumberland coast!

Northumberland’s coast is so much more than sea and sand. Look beyond the rugged dunes and you’ll find one of the UK’s most intriguing coastlines, shaped by a fascinating, turbulent past.

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Visit some of the magical islands around our coast

Explore the English coast and you frequently notice small islands offshore, or local ferries that are heading from an unidentified ‘A’ to an unidentified ‘B’. Hop on board a coastal ferry and you can explore not only new lands but enjoy a unique perspective on the headlands and towns you have been visiting.

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Pilgrims Coffee House & Roastery

With a lifelong love of coffee, the founders originally lived above their shop on Lindisfarne, off the Northumberland coastline. Now they commute to this idyllic Island with life governed by the tides, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Perfect partners – coastal walks and cosy pubs

Few things on the English coast are as life-enhancing as a pub walk and the chance to take the air after - or perhaps before – settling into a cosy pub. England is strong on both coastal walks and cosy pubs by the sea, so by putting the two together you are guaranteed an extremely uplifting experience.

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