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Home to extensive nature reserves, vast sandy beaches, stylish coastal towns and rich history, this coastline is a haven for nature-lovers.  

If you’ve never visited the beautiful east coast of England, this is for you!  The famous Norfolk Broads, including the National Park, are home to an enormous variety of birdlife, especially at migration times.

But the East Coast also offers concert venues, museums, stately homes, quaint villages and market towns, ancient churches and much, much more. Prepare to be inspired.

East Coast East Coast
East Coast

The East Coast is home to a variety of popular towns. 

Attraction-packed resorts like Skegness, Great Yarmouth and Clacton-on-Sea line the coast as well as smaller villages like Louth, Aldeburgh and Britain’s most easterly town of Lowestoft with its wide sandy beaches on one side and woodland on the other.

Visit royal estates, vast wetlands or the network of lakes and rivers that comprise the Norfolk Broads, this area is ideal for a relaxing getaway. Famous not just for its bird life, it’s also common to spot seals while walking along its miles of coastal paths and trails. 

A perfect destination for a self-drive tour with multiple ferry routes from the continent, arrive in the Capital of Culture, Hull, and leave via Harwich for the complete East Coast experience.

Sample Itinerary
Sample Itinerary
Explore the key highlights on the East Coast on this 4 day itinerary
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Getting to the East Coast

By Air
Direct flights from Holland and Germany to London Southend, from Holland only to Norwich and from Holland, Germany and France to East Midlands Airport near Derby.

By Train
Regular train service in less than 2 hours from central London to key East Coast hubs including Hull, Lincoln, Norwich, Ipswich, Colchester and Southend.  

By  Coach
Several coaches a day from central London to Hull, Lincoln, Norwich, Ipswich, Colchester and Southend.

By Sea
Daily overnight ferry from Rotterdam to Hull (12 hours) and from Hook of Holland to Harwich (6 1/2 to 9 1/2 hours).

Car Hire
Available from airports and regionally. Collections from train stations can be arranged. 

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Local Stories
Local Stories
BeWILDerwood Norfolk
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Get close to nature on one of the most unspoilt stretches of the English coast

East Coast
Seafood Coast

Crab and oysters are just some of the East Coast's seafood specialities

Oysters have been harvested from the shallow waters off Mersea Island since Roman times, and the skills needed have been passed down through many generations to today's oysterman. Cromer Crab in Norfolk is known worldwide for its delicate flavour and texture resulting from the chalk coastline and nutrient rich waters. While in Suffolk the fish huts on Aldeburgh beach are a great place to buy the day's wide ranging catch.

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