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A driving break offers complete freedom to explore England's shoreline to the full.

As an island nation, the British have long had a love affair with the coast. As a result, the road network is smoothly connected, so whichever airport or port you arrive at, you'll find it easy to navigate your route. 

Go wherever you like and stop for as long as you choose; if you travel in the off-peak months you'll find plenty of accommodation options.  Quiet coastal roads are a delight , allowing you to meander through quaint villages and harbour towns revealing stunning seascapes along the way, with plenty of viewing points to pause at and enjoy the awe inspiring scenery.

Whether you like leisurely days going off the beaten track to explore lesser known gems, or prefer a busy schedule seeing the highlights, a self-drive holiday provides the flexibility to discover the coast your way!

Self-drive holidays Self-drive holidays
Self-drive holidays

Exploring by car.  

One of the easiest ways to discover this meandering coastline is by car.  Hit the open road from your point of entry or from any of the major towns and cities and then join the quieter B roads that hug the water's edge.  

Once at the coast,  enjoy a slower pace on smaller and quieter roads.  Look out for attractions, major landmarks and tourist centres clearly signed with brown road signs. 

If you’re worried about driving on the left you could choose to hire a right-hand drive car, many car hire firms offer automatic transmission so you can concentrate on the road.

Most accommodation and attractions on the coast have parking on site, but remember to check with the provider in advance or ask for recommendations for secure parking. Public beach car parks and town centres often charge to park, especially during the summer period – but look out for road signs for long-stay or park-and-ride car parks for the most cost effective options.

Self-drive breaks offer the perfect opportunity to discover the coast your way!