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Cumbria, LA12
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This festival capital of Furness combines special events with an assortment of specialist shops, cosy pubs, traditional markets and cultural hotspots

Add in the colourfully rendered houses, cobbled streets and inviting side alleys and there's enough of interest to keep you enthralled for days. Surrounding the town is the gently rolling farmland of the Furness Peninsula while the coastline provides beautiful vistas over Morecambe Bay.

When you approach Ulverston, a prominent memorial on the top of Hoad Hill states your pending arrival. The Sir John Barrow Monument which was modelled on an earlier version of the Eddystone Lighthouse and built in 1850 in honour of John Barrow. The uphill climb to the monument will reward you with a breath-taking view over Morecambe Bay and the Lake District fells