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Hilbre Island
North West
Hilbre Island

Hilbre Island
Wirral, CH47 1HZ
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The Hilbre Islands truly are one of the most beautiful locations for walking in Wirral, or spotting rare and endangered wildlife

The islands are an archipelago, and classed as one of just 43 unbridged tidal islands in the UK that can be reached on foot from the mainland.

Indeed, walking to the now-uninhabited Hilbre Islands at low tide has been a popular leisure activity for decades. The passing of each season represents opportunities to see different flora and fauna on the islands.

Hilbre Islands are situated at the mouth of the Dee Estuary, which is one of the ten most important estuaries in Europe for overwintering wildfowl and waders. Hilbre Islands are also important as a stopping-off point for the twice-yearly migration of birds along the west coast of Britain. On the island is the Hilbre Island Bird Observatory.

The summer months also provide a perfect opportunity to see Grey Seals swimming just off-shore, bobbing their heads above the water and watching those on the island.  They pay close attention, as once the public leaves as the tide comes in, the Seals come ashore.

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It is essential to check the tide times and check for safe crossing routes but the panoramic views over the River Dee, grey seal and bird watching make the trip worthwhile