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Say Yes to a blooming springtime on the Isle of Wight

Spring on the Isle of Wight is a celebration of nature, a riot of colour and a time for adventures. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or a foodie, the Island in spring has something to offer everyone.

Lush countryside, stunning coastline, miles of beaches and more…

Shake off winter and step into spring exploring coastal paths, woodland walks and getting out on the water 

As winter makes its exit, the Isle of Wight becomes a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking springtime fun. With over 70 miles of stunning coastal paths, cliffs, woodland, beaches and forests, there’s no shortage of breathtaking natural beauty waiting to be discovered.  

From the golden sands of Sandown to the coloured cliffs of Alum Bay, the coastline is a canvas of colour to explore, whether that’s on foot or out on the water. With our warmer temperatures, why not take advantage and embark on a paddleboarding adventure, discovering concealed caves, serene inlets, and the awe-inspiring coastal wonders of the Isle – all at your own leisurely pace?  

Freshwater ranks among the most sought-after beaches for kayaking, alternatively, for the surfing enthusiast, make your way to Compton Bay where the expansive sandy beach meets formidable waves, providing an exhilarating test of your skills against the crashing surf. 

For cycling enthusiasts, spring is an ideal time to explore the Isle of Wight's scenic landscapes on two wheels. The Island boasts an impressive network of cycling trails catering to all skill levels. Pedal through chocolate-box villages and rolling hills. The Red Squirrel Trail, named after the Island's native red squirrels, provides a leisurely route through lush countryside, charming woodlands, and historic landmarks. 

If you enjoy walking then lace up your hiking boots and explore the Island's myriad of trails, all making the most of the natural beauty. The Coastal Path takes you on a journey along towering cliffs, offering breathtaking views out across the sea. Venture inland to discover woodlands carpeted with bluebells and wild garlic, creating a fragrant tapestry beneath the tree canopy. 

Say Yes to a blooming springtime on the Isle of Wight Say Yes to a blooming springtime on the Isle of Wight
Say Yes to a blooming springtime on the Isle of Wight

Spring’s bounty for food and drink

Spring on the Isle of Wight not only brings forth a burst of natural beauty but also introduces a delightful array of seasonal flavours all ready to tantalise your taste buds. 

Fresh asparagus, succulent lamb, and vibrant local produce take centre stage on the Island’s foodie scene. 

As the temperatures rise, spring is the perfect time to indulge in a spot of seaside dining. Explore the Island's coastal villages, such as Bembridge and Seaview, where charming pubs and seafood restaurants offer fresh catches of the day. 

The unique warmer microclimate enables certain produce to grow in abundance here, and spring brings a harvest with a decidedly Mediterranean feel - enjoy garlic, sun-ripened tomatoes, gourmet cheeses, freshly picked asparagus, as well as locally caught crab and lobster of course. The Island is also home to several breweries, a couple of vineyards and a gin distillery, meaning you are never too short of a tipple to try too! 

There are many eateries to explore, from laid-back beachside cafes for brunch, to special occasion fine dining restaurants for the perfect date night and the classic seaside supper of fish and chips on the local beach. There’s always a pub nearby too, whether you are looking for pub grub with a view out over the English Channel or a hearty roast in a country pub after a long walk, the Isle of Wight has it all. 

Say Yes to a blooming springtime on the Isle of Wight
Say Yes to a blooming springtime on the Isle of Wight Say Yes to a blooming springtime on the Isle of Wight

Spring means the breeding and growing season for most wildlife, with flowers blooming, trees coming into leaf, nest and den building and many hungry mouths to feed, there is a lot going on! 

Many species of seabirds are making their way back to our shores, so a visit to one of our nature reserves is a must. At the National Trust-run Newtown Creek, take a guided walk around the meadows and woods and find out which birds are making their nests in Newtown this spring.  

One Island resident that is well worth taking the time to spot is the Red Squirrel - apart from in the north of the country, the Isle of Wight is one of only a few places in the UK where you can see them, we are lucky to have a population of around 3,000! 

Spring also brings the emergence of bees and butterflies. Renowned in butterfly spotting circles, up to 40 different species have been recorded on the Island most years. Look out for Chalkhill Blues on the cliffs around Ventnor and the famous Glanville Frittillary, almost contained now to just the Isle of Wight, they are a rare but magical site along the west coast of the Island.