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Visit Dorset – A World Less Travelled

Let the adventure begin this spring with a short break or holiday to Dorset where you’ll make memories to last a lifetime. 

The best part of visiting Dorset is the happy memories you’ll make along the way.

Embark on an epic adventure with a short break or holiday this spring and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Dorset’s captivating coast. 

Whether you choose to set up camp beneath the starlit sky, cocoon yourself in the warm embrace of a boutique hotel or opt for the friendly hospitality of a charming guest house, each moment in Dorset unveils a world less travelled, brimming with possibilities. 

Dorset's magnificent coastline beckons with a wealth of activities for every adventurer. Navigate the waters of Lyme Bay with an exhilarating excursion offered by Lyme Bay Rib Charter, or paddle through the waves around the iconic Old Harry Rocks on a kayaking tour with Fore / Adventure or Cumulus Outdoors. These not only promise a thrilling experience but also provide a unique perspective of the awe-inspiring Dorset coastline from the tranquil sea. For something a little different, jump into a coasteering activity or master the art of rock climbing, crafting memories that will last a lifetime. 

The Jurassic Coast is England’s only natural World Heritage Site and is renowned for its geological wonders. You can literally see 185 million years of the earth’s history in the rocks along the coast between Dorset and East Devon. If you want to go fossil hunting, Lyme Regis and Charmouth beaches are fantastic for this free activity suitable for all ages or simply relish a quiet moment on the picturesque beaches. 

For those seeking some tranquillity, discover serenity amidst the timeless elegance of Corfe Castle. As Dorset bursts into a riot of colours and the melodious symphony of birdsong fills the air, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in our inspiring scenery. Whether you choose to walk Dorset’s jaw-dropping coastline or wander through the abundant and breathtaking countryside, the memories of your springtime adventure in Dorset are destined to linger in your heart forever. 

Meander through quaint coastal villages, where charming cottages and welcoming locals create an atmosphere of genuine warmth. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture by attending seasonal events and festivals that celebrate the rich heritage of Dorset. Take a leisurely stroll through the lush gardens of Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens, alive with a burst of colourful blooms and exotic plants. 

Culinary enthusiasts can savour delectable cuisine infused with passion at one of our coastal restaurants or embark on a tantalising wine tour to explore the exquisite flavours of Dorset's vineyards at Langham Wine Estate. 

In Dorset, spring is not just a season—it’s a time to share with loved ones against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes. 

Visit the Etches Collection: A Museum of Jurassic Marine Life. A Modern museum housing amazing marine fossils that tell the story of life & death in Dorset's Jurassic seas at the time of the Dinosaurs