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Northumberland Seafood Centre & Lobster Hatchery

Amble Harbour Village, Leazes Street
Northumberland, NE65 0FD
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A lobster can carry 20,000 eggs for over 9 months and after all that effort only one egg will survive to adulthood. We think she needs a little help!

At the hatchery we take local female lobsters carrying eggs (known as berried hens) and capture the eggs as she releases them. The really dangerous time for young lobsters in the sea is the first few weeks after hatching when they are a tasty treat for many other sea creatures. We keep the lobster larvae protected in our tanks and release them when they are safe to return to the sea, then they can burrow into the seabed to hide from things that might eat them.

The hatchery has been set up to be as interactive, informative and engaging as possible for all ages. Visitors can observe the whole process from the eggs hatching to the young lobsters being ready for release. Kids can get hands on experience with our touch tank where our hatchery guides can introduce you to some local creatures. 

Come along to the Northumberland Seafood Centre and Hatchery to learn about the lifecycle of a lobster. We have a few lobster related gifts for you to take home too! Or you can combine your visit with a trip to our fresh bar and take home some tasty fish, or even a lobster for your tea! We’re open 7 days per week during peak season from 10am to 4pm. (Please refer to our website for opening times outside this period).