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Horden Grasslands Nature Reserve
Durham and North East
Horden, Peterlee

Horden, Peterlee
Peterlee, QM9Q XH7
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​Horden Grasslands is a Local Nature Reserve and is UK Woodland Assurance Scheme certified, within Durham Heritage Coast.

This coastal site has impressive views to the north and south. On a clear day, you will be able to see all the way to North Yorkshire. A rich and unique group of wildflowers and grasses known as Magnesian Limestone grassland can be found here. Most of this grassland has been destroyed in Britain over the past century. Two thirds of what remains can be found in the north east,resulting in grasslands of National importance. This species rich grassland looks beautiful when in flower, particularly the field of cowslips at the north end of the site. The grassland contains a huge supply of food in the form of field voles, mice and insects. This attracts hunting birds like the hen harrier, peregrine falcon, barn owl and short-eared owl. You may also see skylark, meadow pipit and grey partridge. A colony of sandmartin have made their home in the cliff face. The plants attract a host of butterflies including common blue and speckled wood. We are seeing the speckled wood re-colonise the northeast after an absence of many years. It can be found in the dappled sunlight cast by the trees