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Reboot and refresh with an escape to the sea

Feed body and soul immersed in nature this year and make sure your blue health is the best it can be with invigorating challenges, fresh coastal cuisine and wildlife encounters to provide a deep sense of refreshment

Tone-up at the beach gym

It’s official, a visit to the coast really does make you feel better in every way – we really do love to be beside the seaside!  Try out some of the best stress-busters on our coastline. 

Just 20 minutes outside in nature is known to relieve stress but it’s even better by the sea. Exeter University research proves a trip to the coast reduces stress, improves our mental health and encourages us to do more physical exercise. 

Make the most of the free beach gym! Perhaps the most obvious exercise is swimming, ocean swimming is an excellent full-body workout and for the brave, a must-have daily immersion – whatever the weather. Even if it’s the family summer getaway and you’re surrounded by the kids, work your muscles treading water while they play in the waves. 

If you’re a keen runner, jog parallel to the beach where the water is between ankle and knee deep, the deeper the water, the greater the resistance. 

Yoga gurus who normally practice yoga at home or in a studio, should try a switch to the beach, the unstable sand provides even more of a core workout. There are scores of beach yoga classes, check out Yorkshire’s Yoga and Spice in Whitby, Simply Soulful Yoga in Devon or Fallow Fields Camping in Kent. 

Reboot and refresh with an escape to the sea for Year of the Coast 2023 Reboot and refresh with an escape to the sea for Year of the Coast 2023
Reboot and refresh with an escape to the sea for Year of the Coast 2023

Discover new experiences, unlock doors you’ve longed to open

Stretch your imagination and test your limits with a new activity every month. Exploring a different coast throughout the seasons is the perfect tonic for body and mind. 

Track the England Coast Path 
When it’s complete, our coast will feature the longest marked coastal trail in the world. While you might not want to strike out on all 2,700 miles, why not discover a new stretch? Switch off the phone and spend an afternoon cocooned in nature’s seabirds, wild flowers and sea life. 

Get out on a kayak
Paddleboard, go coasteering, get out on a kayak – there’s nothing like being on the water to see the world differently. If you’re in Dorset, check out Land and Wave for new adventures. 

Canter in Cumbria 
What could be better than cantering along Cumbria’s spectacular coast? Whether you’re a pro or a novice, this is adrenaline-pumping action.  

Go seal-watching 
Get up-close to nature in wildlife’s natural environment, our shores are bursting with sea life. Photo ops abound for seal-watching from the south west to Northumberland, Kent to Norfolk, if you’re heading to Essex, check out Harwich

Make a Pilgrimage to Lindisfarne 
Plan a spiritual pilgrimage to Holy Island, aka Lindisfarne. Not only will you be on the amazing Northumberland Coast, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but following the footsteps of Irish monks dating back to 635 AD. Strolling around its Priory grounds, it’s impossible not to feel a spiritual draw and a sense of peace. 

Reboot and refresh with an escape to the sea for Year of the Coast 2023
Reboot and refresh with an escape to the sea for Year of the Coast 2023 Reboot and refresh with an escape to the sea for Year of the Coast 2023

Year of the Coast 2023 has something for everyone, it's time to experience what England's Coast has to offer.

Abseil down the Spinnaker Tower  
Live life on the edge and push yourself to the limit with a 100-metre dive down Portsmouth’s iconic Spinnaker Tower! The views across the town, Solent and Isle of Wight are unmissable and the thrills unforgettable!  

Slurp oysters in Essex 
Essex Mersea Island is world-famous for its oysters. At just eight square miles, this little island is a wonderful escape with its own vineyard. Spend a leisurely lunch at West Mersea shucking oysters and enjoying the vast skies. 

Forage for feasts 
Learn to forage for samphire and seaweed, discover what’s in our natural beach larder; this can be a game-changer, enabling you to russell up the likes of wild seashore paella or coastal vegetable risotto. Check out Scarborough’s Hidden Horizons