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My Pledge for the Coast

As an island nation, our love for the seaside has never been in dispute, we’ve been visiting it for the past three hundred years!

The coast is changing, it’s the frontline for climate change.

Join the campaign, sign our pledge for the coast.

We’ve all seen the images of massive floods and coastal erosion and many of us want to play our part to protect it and support coastal communities. So now you can! Join us and make a pledge to show your love for the coast. Here’s how you can commit to being a more thoughtful visitor: 


  • Respect the Water.  Sea swimming is enormously rewarding with huge health benefits but make sure you know what to do if someone you care about gets into danger. The RNLI offers some simple skills which ensure you’ll know what to do if there was an emergency. 
  • Check out tide times and stick to sandy parts of the beach to ensure you’re not cut off by incoming tides. 
  • Look after wildlife and respect natural habitats. Many of our coastal saltmarshes and mudflats are home to rare habitats and bird species, keep dogs on a lead and keep noise levels low. If you encounter seals or dolphins, make sure there is a good distance between you. 


  • Be the visitor that leaves only footprints; take all your litter home or dispose of it in the correct labelled bins. Better still, use resusable cups and buy from environmentally friendly cafes and kiosks. 
  • Join a local community beach clean-up day and help protect coastal wildlife. 
  • Observe the rules on dog-friendly beaches. Find out if the beach you plan to visit welcomes dogs particularly in the summer months and, just like everywhere else, clear up after your pup. 
  • Only use BBQs where it states they’re allowed and make sure they are disposed of safely. 
  • Park in designated parking spaces. 


  • Plan ahead and find quieter times and places to explore. Prepare for your coastal adventure mindful of the weather. 
  • Enjoy the best our epic coastline has to offer and support local communities by buying local products, eating locally-sourced, seasonal food and drink, embracing new experiences. Be friendly - meet the locals and join in events. 

Make your promise to the coast by signing our pledge and encourage your friends and family to do the same. 

“When I visit the coast, I promise to support local communities and to protect and respect the natural environment so its beauty can be enjoyed now and for generations to come.” 

This visitor pledge is part of a wider initiative to build support for our coastal communities.  To find out more about the wider pledge for the coast initiative please click here.

My Pledge for the Coast My Pledge for the Coast
My Pledge for the Coast

NB: This is a promise, not a legal contract.

Oh, we do love to be beside the seaside! Lyrics so true they still roll out from many a pier or bandstand.