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The Deep

Tower St
Yorkshire, HU9 1TU
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The Deep, one of the most spectacular aquariums in the world.

Take a trip to Hull’s award-winning aquarium, where the dramatic story of the world’s oceans is brought to life through magnificent aquatic exhibits. Let us take you on a journey from the birth of the oceans into the future, from tropical lagoons to the icy waters of Antarctica.

Come face to face with sharks, rays and penguins amongst the 5,000 residents and walk through the stunning viewing tunnel as incredible animals glide overhead before riding in the glass lift through the 10m deep Endless Oceans tank.

Daily highlights include:

- Daily Dive Show

- Touch pool sessions where you can get up close with species found on the British coastline

- Penguin feeds and enrichment activities

Accessibility Information

We are committed to accessibility for all visitors, we are continually updating and adding to our wide range of tools and information to ensure an accessible family day out. To help plan for your visit please visit our website