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GeoStories: Footsteps of Bram Stoker

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West Pier
North Yorkshire, yo11
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A location triggered audio drama with a twist.

GeoStories, Footsteps of Bram Stoker, is an exciting new Location triggered audio drama premiering in Whitby.  This exciting and eerie story can be experienced with your own smart phone and headphones and will tell the tale of Bram Stoker arriving at Whitby and talking to the locals about the strange affairs, which happened 10 years before Bram started to write his acclaimed novel, Dracula.  The story is produced with professional actors and had a great soundscape to add to the atmosphere.  It lasts around 3 hours and covers about 7km if you want to go for the full outdoors experience. There are also a few visual extras too, which you will find when you point your phone at the abbey and over the sea at parts of the walk. 

You can also sit at home or anywhere else and experience the drama remotely if you prefer. 

In Whitby the narrator will describe the places you need to go to for each chapter in the tale, and it is in 2 Parts so you can have lunch in between or stop when you like. The story starts at the Old Lighthouse on West Pier where Ramsbottom predicts a storm….

To access the story use the links below, or, go to the App store or to Google Play and search for ‘Footsteps of Bram Stoker’ only £4.99.  

Download now from the Apple Store
Download now from the Google Play Store

Accessibility Information

This experience can be experienced as a walking drama, or from anywhere as more of a podcast experience. Therefore it is accessible to those with accessibility challenges.

Book direct

Clicking "Book direct” will take you directly to the website of your chosen place